When you play Gizmo Mud you have many opportunities to travel to exotic lands, meet interesting characters, and kill them! There are some established attractions that players continually gravitate to. Here is just an appetizer of our fantasy world.

Midgaard Upon maturity adventurers begin their quest at the temple of Midgaard. You may be familiar with this zone from other muds. Know that this is where it all started.
ZhalurThrough the lion gates lies the stronghold of the Paladin defenders of Mituras. Faith runs deep in this nation of warlike traders. A local curio collector has greatly enhanced the fame of the locale through his aquisition of a curious tapestry. Any visiting adventurer would be remiss if she did not pay a visit to this small store.
Gurundi Village Simple Gurundi folk make their living as weavers and elemental channelers. Reports of adventures dissappearing in the area are most likely false.
Forgotten Valley Peaceful titans chisel rock into sculpture with their bare hands. No society could be this peaceful naturally.
Hlanith All communication with the great city of Hlanith has ceased. The postmaster is currently seeking adventurers willing to attempt a courier run.
Frostholme Recently relations with the frost giants of the north have thawed. Adventurers are no longer slain on sight, but tourism is highly discouraged. For those brave souls willing to risk the giants' wrath, the pelts of the white, winter wolf are highly prized in Midgaard.
City of Loftwick The name of this city appear on every ledger dating back to the oldest scrolls. Yet visits to the recorded location leave one stranded in the desert. Perhaps the ancient city was swallowed by the sands of time themselves.
Cei'Arda Midgaard's sister city is a friendly place to the weary adventurer. Be sure to catch the local festival of antiquity with it's host of strange attractions. All but the most seasoned of travelers will marvel at the live playing cards.