Quest Logs

Quests are period events that immortals use to test the mortals of Gizmo. Frequently they involve extreme danger and can even be fatal to the participants. (Though death is a passing inconvenience in our world.) Sometimes the players are called on to defend the land from alien invaders. Sometimes the gods pit mortals against each other for their own amusement. Sometimes a mystery is presented and the gods watch as mortals race against each other to piece together the clues. The rewards for outshining the other participants are substantial. For the winning the most dangerous quests mortals are awarded gear unparalleled in quality.

Here are a few of the recent quests

Gizmo Player Battle April 14th 2007

Dionysus hosted a fierce competition for supremacy between the mortals on an alternate port. Each player was allowed only one character and each character was allowed only 40 items. Miracle was nerfed to only restore 2000 hp. The final battle took place between a Clan Twiglet team lead by Honeymonster with ringer Vassago vs a Clan A.I.D. team lead by Camma. After eight hours of strife Honeymonster emerged victorious and won some snazzy boots. Runner up was Danica, also from Clan Twiglet, who won a special shield. The quest was universally declared a success and the mortals cannot wait to return to the chaos port to test their strength again.