Player Profiles

This page exists as a place to showcase the various players of our Mud. If you'd like to be on this page, just mail a picture (it can be a real photograph of yourself, or maybe a sketch of what you visualize your character looking like; whatever), and any information you'd like displayed next to the picture.

The Player Profiles are Listed below:


Honeymonster (mid)

Honeymonster CL, Circlet AP, Fick TH, Jick TH, Jock MU, Dunedain CO, Legolas WA, Fix (CES)


Mishkan CL, Bledsoe CO, Annie PA, Sahaun TH, Elisia (IMM)


Reaper CL, Trenidy CO, Spector CO, Serenity TH


Draven PA (SOLO), Barry BA, Gylle CL, Teryn NI, Nonad NO, Ruin (CES)


Smug CL, Tyme TH, Wies NI, Hour PA, Durabane (ELE)


Syrinx MU, Plato CL, Monde PA, Grunt WA, Henri (MAG)


Terran PA, Nicolav CO, Elbryan NI, Stangmere WA