Policies of Gizmo

The following are a few general policies of Gizmo DikuMud. These policies will give you a general idea of what to expect when you make special requests. Policies are set by the Implementors and are subject to the interpretation and judgment of the SUP+ staff. For current policies, also check the bulletin boards. For information on your own responsibilities.

* Corpse reimbursements will be made if a corpse is lost in a crash. Other types of equipment reimbursements rarely happen. No one will be reimbursed for deliberately giving an item to a mob.

* Name changes are normally only allowed when a character name is offensive or when it is too similar to a mob name.

* See 'help reroll' for information on when rerolls will be granted.

* No reimbursements will be made for deaths and losses due to lag, unless it's Gizmo's fault.

* Password problems should be brought to the attention of PRI+ staff.

* Players who have forgotten a password must be prepared to prove ownership of the character in question.

* Items will not be reloaded on mobs after crashes. Sometimes certain items that were in the process of being popped by mortals will be reloaded after reboots (not crashes), depending on the SUP+'s discretion.

* Bacchanal tokens can be redeemed for death trap reimbursements. The cost is three tokens per piece of loading gear and five tokens per piece of quest gear.

* SOLO flags can be added or removed at the cost of 3 character levels and comensurate loss in stats. After the three levels have been regained the solo flag will be toggled.

* Sentient gems sold to Doljet will not be reimbursed.

* Knowingly exploiting a bug is a major transgression. Reporting bugs can be rewarded.