Mudders at Play

Now you can see what sort of people play this game, and get a peek at all of those people you thought were your friends. These have been collected over the years, mostly from various "Mud Parties" (sound too exciting to be true? It's not!). I'm not responsible for the galleries, as other people upkeep them. Enjoy.
Update: It seems that most of these have been taken down. If you know the owners please send them an email and request ressurection!

Evie's 1998 Mud Party in Eugene, Oregon and two pictures from 1999

Robyn's photo gallery, with a mix of various events.

Gizmo! a compilation by Bluewolf. Most of these pictures are on the other sites, but he's done a good job of putting them all in one place, and there are some originals (or rather, ones from pages which are long since defunct).

Dazed's Gizmo MySpace Page has a scrolling compilation of photos lifted (sometimes even with permission!) from various sources.