Welcome to gizmo

When you travel to Gizmo you will be asked to identify yourself.

By what name do you wish to be known?

In order to create a new character, simply enter a new name for that character. Shorter names are easier for others who may group with you or want to talk to you. If you need help naming your character, visit the fantasy name generator

Let us suppose we are going to create a character called "Newbie." In that case, you would type Newbie and press the enter key (return key).

If you select a name for your character that is not already an existing character, you will be asked:

Did I get that right, Newbie (Y/N)?

If you enter the name of a character that already exists, you will be asked for the password.


If this happens just press enter. You will be disconnected. Reconnect and try another name.

If you type Y and then the enter key, Gizmo will acknowledge that you have created a new character.

New character.
Warning : Don't use Capital Letters or Symbols for password!
Give me a password for Newbie:

The password cannot contain capital letters or symbols. Type the password and press the enter key.

To confirm your password, you will be prompted to enter it again:

Please retype password:

Type your password again and press the enter key.

Next, you will be asked to specify the sex (male or female) of your character. The gender does not have to be the same as the player's real-life sex.

What is your sex (M/F) ?

Enter M for Male or F for Female and press enter key.

The next step is to select a guild class for your character:

Select a class:
1) Cleric
2) Thief
3) Warrior
4) Magic-user
5) Ninja
6) Nomad
7) Paladin
8) Anti-Paladin
9) Bard
0) Commando
?) Help

Class :

Enter the number for the character you want to play (e.g. 4 if you want your new character to be a magic-user or 7 if you want your new character to be a paladin) and press the enter key.

If you do not know what character to pick, read the information about guild classes and choose one you think you may like. You can always create another character later if you decide you want to play a different character of a different guild class.

The final step in creating a new character is to decide whether you want a solo flag or not. Many characters travel the land of Gizmo in groups. Travelling in groups often provides greater safety and the ability to work together toward common goals.

In some cases, up to four characters may be controlled by the same player. A group of characters controlled by the same player is called a "multi." A multi allows the characters to protect each other as they fight mobs and explore Gizmo.

Some very brave souls choose to travel alone or only in groups made of up the characters of other players. A person may travel "solo" with or without a solo flag. However, if a player intends that a character will always play solo, the player may choose a solo flag for that character.

Solos are a class of numerous qualities. It takes a great character to make and maintain a solo character. When you first make a character you have a choice of becoming one whenever you first start out. If you do you must take heed to this very important rule:

Do not play a solo character and any other character at the same time.

It defeats the purpose of playing a solo char. It is considered one of the biggest crimes in the land of Gizmo Dikumud (Imperial Omega).

Your solo character may exchange gear with your other characters in reception areas. For example, if you have a multi made up of four non-solo flagged characters and a solo character, you may have them all on-line at the same time in reception areas. Other than this one exception your solo character may not be online at the same time as any of your other characters.

Solos have a great advantage compared to multies. They always get hit for less damage, and do more damage, than characters without solo flags. They also get slightly more experience during combat and a faster regeneration rate (which decreases the time you spend waiting for your character to recover after combat or lengthy trips). There are many things solos get to help them play. Also it is much easier to equip yourself.

Solos also have a disadvantage. It takes you a lot longer to gather exp since you only have one char to do it with. It's also harder to gather fame since again you only have one char to do it with. But if you spend enough time on a solo char, you can become a rather big player.

Choosing whether or not to have a solo flag is not a decision that can be changed later. It is important to choose carefully.

Would you like a solo flag?
Y/N/(? for help):

If you want a solo flag, type Y and press th enter key. If you want to be able to play this character in a group of characters you play at the same time (a "multi"), type N and press the enter key.

The last question you will be asked before entering the game is if you are a new player to this mud. Answering yes to this question will flag you as a newbie. This lets other players know you are new and some of them may go out of their way to lend a helping hand.

Are you new to this mud?

After that you are shown the same screen you will see every time you log in your character. When you select enter the game your character will arrive in Midgaard at the Temple with basic gear and supplies. West of Temple is the Donation Room where you can find additional gear that has been donated by more experience players. As you travel south from the Temple, you will find the Market Square where you can drink water from the fountain and gossip with others. If you continue south from Market Square, you will encounter the Dojo where you can fight white belts (then higher belts) to gain experience for your new character.