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Imperial Omega, Gizmo DikuMUD, is a roleplaying game in a Multi-User Dimension, or MUD. In this dimension, you will find no images but those you conjure up with your mind. A vivid world of text -- once you become accustomed to the medium, words will seem more natural than sensory experience, and your only worry will be that any sense of time may leave you completely.

Players at Gizmo create characters, choosing the name, guild class, gender and whether the character will play solo or be part of a group of characters played by the same player (a "multi"). Both options have their pluses and minuses, and many players choose one, only to create a new character at a later date to try the other choice. While playing multiple characters (up to four at one time) allows you a wider range of creatures to slay and battles to fight, it also takes more concentration, and more than likely special software. Many players enjoy the flexibility and ease of use that playing only one character affords them. And there is always the issue of equiping your characters. Finding good gear for one character may seem like enough of a task, multiply that by four and you have quite an undertaking on your hands.

These characters interact with the mobs (creatures such as shopkeepers, knights, witches, dragons, etc.) of the game and with the characters of other players creating an ever-growing and changing social environment.

This social environment is set in a world made of areas that players explore such as Midgaard, Cei'Arda, Goblin Kingdom, Zoo, the Festival of Antiquity, Deserted Village, Fire Newts, Galaxy, Quest for the Holy Grail, Sea of Love, Ivory Tower, Great Desert, etc.

Characters begin their Gizmo adventure in Midgaard. Within the walls of Midgaard, characters can find food and drink, explore the city, practice skills and spells at the Guild for their class, and fight low level mobs in the Dojo and around Midgaard to gain experience.

As characters develop, they venture forth from Midgaard and explore the various areas in the Land of Gizmo, fighting mobs and gaining experience, gold, treasure and equipment. Through experience, characters grow stronger and win fame.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sword or your staff, your mace or your flail, your bo staff or your trident and adventure with us!

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