The Immortals

Immortals are the implementors of the laws of Gizmo DikuMud. They are the grease in the gears of the machine that ensure your play-time is as enjoyable as possible. They work long nights with little or no thanks, writing and installing new areas, adding new quirks, fixing faulty code, running quests, and handling disputes between mortals.

There are 12 levels of immortal beings. From most powerful to least, these are: Implementor, Arch Angel, Primal Force, Spiritus Lux, Supreme Being, Emphyreal, Magus, Wizard, Celestial Being, Demi God, Elemental and Immortal. It is required that you follow any instruction given to you pertaining to the game by an immortal of any level. If you feel the instruction is wrong, follow it and then bring it to the attention of a higher level god.

What follows is a list of active immortals as of this date (3/22/03). When in the game, type "wizlist" at any time to get an updated version of this list.

   Inactive      : Bassman, Borzoi, Orrin.

Arch Angel:
   Active        : Evie, Monsters, Robyn.
   Inactive      : Bower, Cody.

   Active        : Dionysus, Ian, Rex.

Spiritus Lux:
   Active        : Conundrum, Thomas, Venus.

   Active        : Henri, Ska, Yrl.

   Active        : Ma, Twinkie.
   Inactive      : Aphrael, Delirium, Dharynn, Finn, Khalis, Kulgan, Lem, Opus, Ranger, Valjean.

   Active        : Grimm, Nose, Shal, Trust, Wowbagger.
   Inactive      : Gestahl, Ty.

   Active        : Dazed, Jel, Raiyo, Squirrel.
   Inactive      : Fakir, Immo, Javert, Kano.

   Active        : Ben, BigDog, Fix, Gant, Hulk, ID, Nuke, Oppressed, Parima, Ruin, Tual, Vroom.
   Inactive      : Damian, It, Lagman, Orgo, Pariah, Ravana, Rococo, Zeus.

Demi Gods:
           Arachno, Bluewolf, Bro, Calvin, Cluracan, Diamond, Eternity, Fiz, Habit, Haze, Implode, Judel, Leon, Maro,
           Moon, Myrddraal, Ogo, Paladine, Phat, Pounce, Prime, Rachel, Raptr, Samiel, Silk, SirMike, Thing.

           Bakla, Chimpy, Crescent, Durabane, Faya, Floree, Fruitbat, Jules, Luna, Plague, Qlai, Rurak, Shang, Shine, Soulz, Thyas.

           BloodScream, Crimson, Cygra, Diwata, Dread, Elastic, Firefly, Griff, Grod, Jasper, Jor, Pope, Rezz, She, Sid, Thief.

Honor Roll
Lowbie (Imp), Noname (Imp), Ere (Pri), Tox (Pri), Doubt (Sup), Horemheb (Sup), Zarcon (Sup), Tyae (Emp), Tzugami (Emp), ArZka (Wiz), Drac (Wiz), Esko (Wiz), Immo (Wiz), Morpheus (Wiz), Muerte (Wiz), Nanti (Wiz), Tedric (Wiz), Crusher (Ces), Darkwulf (Ces), Jess (Ces), Jeth (Ces), Justice (Ces), Kai (Ces), Rayla (Ces), Retribution (Ces), Rill (Ces), Sert (Ces), Ansalon (Dei), Aura (Dei), Belgarath (Dei), Cherry (Dei), Demiurge (Dei), Drassak (Dei), Fingolfin (Dei), Icculus (Dei), Immortal (Dei), Kirin (Dei), Kodie (Dei), Lost (Dei), Paw (Dei), Primates (Dei), Purdy (Dei), Rog (Dei), Something (Dei), Toshiro (Dei), Toot (Dei), Train (Dei), Vale (Dei), Yakko (Dei), Zeezo (Dei), Ziip (Dei), Astal (Ele), Dust (Ele, Galahad (Ele), Glarg (Ele), Hak (Ele), Heff (Ele), How (Ele), Ices (Ele), Kato (Ele), Peorth (Ele), Poor (Ele), Quake (Ele), Raffles (Ele), Roach (Ele), Shiku (Ele), Slimey (Ele), Slu (Ele), Terrax (Ele), Thano (Ele), Titus (Ele), Camaro (Imm), Coxa (Imm), Grod (Imm), Kev (Imm), Maximus (Imm), Melissa (Imm), Mufti (Imm), Nial (Imm), Rosie (Imm), Shrike (Imm), Trayco (Imm).