Gizmo Mud is a direct descendant of the oldest of Diku Muds. Over the years her codebase has been heavily modified by generations of coders. Gizmo seems to attract the best coders, and the modifications reflect that. Gizmo has been stably running since 1996. Currently our uptime record is around 300 hours, but we like to reboot the areas once every five or six days. Here is a chart of some of the major happenings.

1992 Supergirl bans multis (the simulntaneous play of more than a single character)
player files deleted
1993 Ronin was formed by those players that enjoyed the option of playing multiple characters
1994 The majority of the population migrated to Gizmo after an administrative spat
Gizmo was named after Borzoi's pet parrot
1997 Roc Aviary added
1998 First Tournament quest held by Conundrum, big prizes!
1999 High level class bonuses completed
2003 Gizmo the parrot dies a peaceful death, Gizmo the mud lives on in memory
2005 Gizmo webpage relaunched
2007 Gizmo webpage relaunched, Moon cycle added, Roadside shrines added
2008 Lapidary Arts and Mining added
2009 Templars Mercador added
2010 Mir Island added
2010 Undead subclasses added