As you hone your skills as an adventurer it's important to let your fellow adventurers know how skillful you are. Whether you're looking for an adventuring partner, or planning an ambush, you need to be able to assess their skill. Here are some of the achievements that the mightiest will accumulate.

Rank: Defeating the mightiest adversaries will earn you the praise of Venzu, the ancient poet. After singing your praise you will become famous. Famous adventurers will experience the many benefits of high rank.

Metaphysical Transmutation: Old adventurers can become young again. The weak can become strong. The imbecille transmuted into genious. Che Po the metaphysician offers bargain rates for the adventurer looking for that extra edge in speed or agility.

Quest Gear: A frequent measure of an adventurer's skill is by his equipment. The richest warriors wear the toughest armor. Powerful magi aquire powerful weapons. Quest gear can be gotten through a variety of means. Frequently Midgaard finds itself at odds with the surrounding peoples. Valliant defense of the homeland will be generously rewarded by Midgaard's pantheon of gods. The rewards may be worn or sold or traded on the black market.

More!: There are dozens more, but only the most courageous may discover them. It wouldn't do to just give away hints here. Log in and find out!