Npc's and Monsters

There are many fantastical occurences in the land of Gizmo Mud. Here are a few of the interesting people you might meet on your travels.

Baron von MasochAn overweight man is here, wringing his hands pitifully. He is dressed in what were once fine clothes, but they have since been torn and stained by his constantly whipping himself. As he turns away from you, you see lines of blood across his back where he has cut himself. You can just barely hear him whimpering quietly to himself.
Threggi DroneThe Threggi Drones are a sickly greenish color and have six armoured legs to match their spiny exteriors. Their purpose in life is to labor for the pleasure and desires of their Masters. They are also to keep the tunnels clear of aboveworld trash such as yourself.
JustineThis girl has long, flowing blonde hair and crisp blue eyes. She is lounging comfortably on this spectacular bed. As you come into the room, she stretches and arches her back, and turns toward you with a greedy smile. You notice that she is wearing only a translucent shift. She smiles as the shift falls open.
sapphire beetleThis small beetle is quite the specimen, and makes you want to pick it up gently. Its carapace is made of a very reflective surface, the color of a bright blue sapphire. You fully realize that this is some sort of adaptation device, but it thrills you nonetheless. As it scurries by your feet, you catch a reflection of your face in its back for a split second before it runs off.
Human SlaveA creature that once human stands here. He is gibbering incoherently and calling for Githyaddi master. He turns a blank stare upon you and drools on his chest.
ingenueOblivious to the cares of the world, this young girl is wandering about the Festival, smiling at everyone and everything. She is dressed very sweetly, in a precious little blue sun dress, and her blonde hair seems to bounce with her as she moves. She walks up to the jewelry stands excitedly, trying things on, and being taken in by everything that the owners say. You feel sorry for her naivete, but are warmed by her radiant smile.
bronze giantessProportioned like a human, but built on a towering scale, these stunning creatures amble peacefully about, comfortable with their surroundings and one another. Guided by simple principles of respect for nature and all its creatures, these behemoths employ their incredible strength and size only for the good of others. A secluded breed, titans fear humans. Though the average human only rises to a titan's ankle, smaller races have a long history of exploiting giants' trust and gullibility for their own profit. an amazon titan is in an excellent condition.
XandolapA tall being, stately and poised, Xandolap has been called the Reaver of a Thousand Souls, the Despoiler of the Greater Realms, and for concission's sake, merely, the Cruel. A thousand years ago he conquered the kingdom of Vauron and enslaved or slew the immortal Farrow people who dwelt there. Now he has over-run the land with his dark minions, and even greater evil lords who he tempted to his service with promises of power. To fight Xandolap is to fight death itself, to fight the undying spirit incarnate of Darkness. It is a foolish, foolish venture.
young wyvernLithe and agile, this small, winged reptile flies through the forest. It has a sinuous neck, a mouth full of sharp teeth, deadly claws on its two hind legs, and a wicked looking barb on its long, darting tail.
Shantak warriorA large lizard-like being, standing eight feet tall, and covered in a thick reptilian hide, the Shantak is not your average humanoid. Though technically a "warrior," this Shantak is an average representation of the race as a whole. There are no non-warriors in this tribe, each member is taught to use his or her natural defenses and weapons at a very young age, and use them well. While this might lead you to percieve the Shantak as another of the evil races inhabiting this land, you would be mistaken in doing so. They have fought the Dark Lord since he arrived, although a tenuous aliance has existed at times between them.
Stefan, the broker of soulsDecked in a tweed business suit that ultimately fails to augment his slight frame, Stefan Gryttefel contorts his pinched face into a forced smile, revealing a row of unsightly, yellow teeth. He motions for you to take a seat, his eyes glowing madly behind thick spectacles as he pushes a piece of paper in your direction.